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Albert Schweitzer


Axonlab has been supporting the Albert Schweitzer Foundation in Lambaréné (Gabon, Africa) since 2006 with equipment, reagents and regular maintenance.

The "jungle" hospital founded by Albert Schweitzer is located almost 200 kilometers south of the Equator in western central Africa. The hospital, which was founded in 1913, is a private institution. It is partially subsided by the Republic of Gabon and is responsible for the provision of basic medical care to the Lambaréné region. Nowadays, the Lambaréné hospital includes a surgical and general medicine wards, a children's clinic and gynecology clinic, as well as a geriatric and psychiatric unit. The hospital is staffed by 120 African workers, along with six to seven doctors from Europe and Africa. The hospital can accommodate up to 180 patients. There are around 120 consultations given every day, with nine or ten operations performed. The Albert Schweitzer Hospital is the only hospital in the region that also treats patients for free. This makes the hospital a vital necessity.

Axonlab has been an official partner of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation in Lambaréné since 2006 and provides the hospital with the laboratory infrastructure that it needs. Axonlab technicians regularly carry out repair and servicing work on site in order to guarantee the necessary quality and the smooth operation of the diagnostics equipment. The hospital is pleased to have any kind of help, even, for instance, a light in the operating theaters that has been got going again.

Every visit there fills us with joy and pride, seeing what we can make happen in a developing country.