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VX 2E.n Eppendorf attachment


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VX 2E.n Eppendorf attachment

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  • Description:

    A new and more elegant design is featuring the new "Eppendorf" attachment VX 2E.n for the VXR basic Vibrax®. VX 2E.n replaces the previdous model VX 2E. Like its predecessor, the attachment has a capacity of 64 x 1,5 ml Eppendorf Tubes.
    With its 368g instead of 787g it is only about half as heavy than the previous attachment.

    • Package Contents:
      1 piece
    • Storage temperature from:
      4 °C
    • Storage temperature to:
      25 °C
    • Transport temperature from:
      4 °C
    • Transport temperature to:
      25 °C


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