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The Biocentric stainer is available in various versions for one or two types of stains. Conventional Ziehl-Neelsen and Gram staining can be automated with this version.

  • 10035509
  • AT-3002GZ
  • Description:

    A wide range of staining methods are used in the laboratory to allow operators to carry out the microscopic tests they wish to perform on a variety of samples. This version is a combination device with an automatic Gram staining program and a Ziehl-Neelsen hot staining program. The Borealys Duo GZ is safer, more accurate and faster than manual staining methods.

    • Stains 1 to 10 slides (Ziehl-Neelsen) or 1 to 20 slides (Gram) according to actual requirements. Avoid reagent waste!
    • The slides lie in a horizontal position, and are covered in turn by the relevant stain solution. Take action against cross-contamination!
    • Free choice of incubation time and stain solutions. Adjust stains to your requirements.
    • The device automatically conducts the programmed staining process, and dried slides can be read off immediately. Save precious time!
    • Uniform staining, along with automatic checking and warning if the reagent level is low. Reliability thanks to automation and warning system!
    • Automatic or manual rinsing, waste fluid is collected. Low-maintenance!
    • Combination device for two different stain types. Takes up less space than two devices!
    • Closed, secure system with carbon filters. Protect yourself and your employees against harmful substances!
    • Sensitive staining method for mycobacteria, Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Use hot staining or Gram staining to get exactly the results you need!

    System components: 1x device, 2x reagent containers, 1x waste canister, 1x water canister

    Device dimensions: 480 x 445 x 265mm or 480 x 445 x 565mm with open lid, 20kg

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