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Viromer® mRNA, 900 Transfections/24-well


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No transfection limits with mRNA. mRNA instructs cells to produce proteins directly. There is no need for transcription! Translation occurs through a promoter-independent process and the desired protein is detectable as early as 2 – 6 h posttransfection. There is no risk of genomic integration.

  • 11005401
  • VmR-01LB-01
  • Description:

    Transfection of plasmid DNA is the most common method to overexpress proteins in cell culture. If the is not expressing the protein of interest, the problem is mostly not the uptake of the DNA or the delivery of these but rather it‘s processing in the cell. Reaching and penetrating the nucleus, transcription and release of mRNA to the cytosol are all critical steps.

    Transfecting cells with mRNA sequences rather than plasmid DNA constructs gives a great chance to significantly increase transient protein expression levels in a majority of cell types, and offers a unique alternative for challenging cells.

    • Package Contents:
      900 Transfections/24-well
    • Storage temperature from:
      2 °C
    • Storage temperature to:
      8 °C
    • Transport temperature from:
      4 °C
    • Transport temperature to:
      25 °C
    • Dangerous preparation according to 67/548/EEC:
    • Dangerous preparation according to 99/45/EEC:
    • Ready to use reagent:


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