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Viromer® PLASMID, (3 x 900) Transfections/24 well


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After intense screening of the Viromer® library and formulation work, a new reagent outperforming our reference Viromer® Red and especially designed for plasmid transfections is now available.

  • 11005402
  • VmR-01LB-03
  • Description:

    VIROMER® transfection reagents are polymer-based nanoparticles featuring a viral mechanism of membrane fusion. As a synthetic copy of the Influenza virus machinery, they do form transfection complexes with any types of nucleic acids that cells take up via the endocytosis pathway, a process that involves the formation of an acidic compartment. The low pH in late endosomes acts as a chemical switch that renders the VIROMER® surface hydrophobic and facilitates membrane crossing. Once into the cytosol, the VIROMER® releases its payload for cellular action. This Active Endosome Escape technology is safe and maximizes transfection efficiency as it is using a natural uptake pathway.

    • Package Contents:
      2700 (3 x 900) Transfections/24-well
    • Storage temperature from:
      2 °C
    • Storage temperature to:
      8 °C
    • Transport temperature from:
      4 °C
    • Transport temperature to:
      25 °C
    • Dangerous preparation according to 67/548/EEC:
    • Dangerous preparation according to 99/45/EEC:
    • Ready to use reagent:


    • MSDS - Safety data sheets