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Automatic cell counter EVE


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Automatic cell counter EVE

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  • EVE-MC
  • Description:

    The EVE™ Automatic cell counter uses state-of-the-art optics and image analysis to automatic cell counting. The EVE™ is a benchtop counter designed to measure cell count and viability (live, dead, and total cells) accurately and precisely, using the standard trypan blue technique. Using the same amount of sample that you currently use with the hemocytometer, the EVE™ takes less than 20 seconds per sample for a typical cell count and is compatible with a wide variety of eukaryotic cells and provides information on cell size. The EVE™ offers an intuitive user interface, and provides the option to save and print cell count data using the EVE™ Software (download from www.nanoentek.com )and USB drive supplied with the instrument or available separately. The EVE™ is supplied with disposable EVE™ Cell counting slides that contain two enclosed chambers to hold the sample to allow you to measure two different samples or perform replicates of the same sample. The cell counting occurs in the central location of the counting chamber and the volume counted is 0.4 µL, the same as counting four (1 mm × 1 mm) squares in a standard hemocytometer.

    Doubt the count

    Counting cells is essential for a reliable and reproducible cell culture. However, manual counting is not always the right choice. We will show you where problems with manual counting lie and how fast and easy automated counting can be.
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