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AzureSpectra Labeling Kit -for Westerns- 650


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AzureSpectra Labeling Kit -for Westerns- 650

  • 11000074
  • AC2187
  • Western Blot 2.0

    A quantitative evaluation of western blots, stable signals for years, multiplexing options, and highly sensitive detection – all of this is possible with our Sapphire from Azure Biosystems.

    A picture for science: Scanned on the Sapphire Biomolecular Imager from Azure

    The Swiss winning picture of the "Wiki Science Photo Competition 2019 Switzerland" in the category non-photographic media comes from Axonlab
    • Package Contents:
      Each kit includes sufficient reagents to perform two labelings of 50 micrograms of antibody.
    • Storage temperature from:
      2 °C
    • Storage temperature to:
      8 °C
    • Transport temperature from:
      15 °C
    • Transport temperature to:
      30 °C
    • Dangerous preparation according to 67/548/EEC:
    • Dangerous preparation according to 99/45/EEC:
    • Ready to use reagent: