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A number of key points need to be borne in mind when buying a pipette. We have summarised five points that are important when making a purchase.
As a qualified veterinary practice assistant, and animal-lover, I am delighted that microbiology, urine diagnosis, haematology and clinical chemistry are not only important aspects of Axonlab’s work in human medicine, but that it holds a diagnostics portfolio for veterinarians as well, and that I can travel on behalf of Axonlab as a sales account manager in the veterinary field.

Discoveries in gene function analysis

RNAi-based gene silencing is one of the most effective options for gene regulation to date. Here you will learn the fact that 4 siRNAs are, however, not enough to reliably switch off a gene, and which innovative new technologies reduce off-target effects.
Social Responsibility, which means the actions of a company that are not aimed at profit and turnover, has always been an important part of Axonlab’s corporate history.

Doubt the count

Counting cells is essential for a reliable and reproducible cell culture. However, manual counting is not always the right choice. We will show you where problems with manual counting lie and how fast and easy automated counting can be.

Many pennies make a dollar

Many pennies make a dollar – How consumables save money and time

The secret stock

There is a disease affecting Scientist in Universities that I call the “stockitis”. Fortunately Axonlab found a cure.

Holy pipettes

A fast and simple way to check the precision of your pipettes.

Extraction, isolation and purification

My in-house mini plasmid preparation test

The Axonlab Life Science ABC

In Life Science the portfolio consists of over 100,000 products. To offer a closer view into the broad range of products in the Life Science field, you can now have a look at the Axonlab Life Science ABC.

1 measurement, 1000 different results

We’re lifting the secret on the need to recalibrate spectrophotometers and how you can get reliable measurements throughout the service life of a photometer.