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ColorAX 2

Gram stainer
Axon Lab AG
  • 11003697
  • AL0110V2

ColorAX2 - Axonlab's innovative new Gram staining machine allows you to use 10 independent staining chambers at the same time - without cross contamination. This is due to its reduced consumption of staining reagents, its compactness, low weight and autonomous system.

Your advantages with our Gram Stainer

With the ColorAX2 you get an absolutely innovative and reliable Gram Stainer of the newest generation.

Cross-contamination, low profitability due to few chambers and complex cleaning processes are a thing of the past with our Gram Stainer.

What makes the ColorAX2 Gram stainer stand out?

The ColorAX2 is characterized by its small size and low weight on the one hand and its ten independent dyeing chambers on the other. By the independence of the ten chambers, as well as the number, you lower automatically your operating costs and increase your Gram staining yield.

Steep learning curve, reduced maintenance

The ColorAX2 and its software is easy to use. With our gram stainer, complicated induction is a thing of the past. With an integrated USB connection, your processes remain traceable. An uncomfortable cleaning of your Gram Stainer will not occur with the ColorAX2.

High flexibility 

During a dyeing process you can choose between six different Gram programs. The dried plates can be read out directly at the end of the process.

Barcodes or inscriptions on the upper end of the plates are protected against colouring. Both the collection container and the Gram stainer are equipped with a liquid sensor and give warnings if too much or too little liquid is present.

Technical Specification

  • Throughput: n.a.
  • Processing time from: n.a.
  • Processing time to: n.a.
  • Ambient temperature from: n.a.
  • Ambient temperature to: n.a.
  • Humidity from: n.a.
  • Humidity to: n.a.
  • Power supply min: n.a.
  • Power supply max: n.a.
  • Power input: n.a.
  • Applied policy EUCAST: n.a.
  • Applied policy CLSI: n.a.
  • LIS connectivity: No
  • Walkaway System: Yes
  • Open system: No

Measured Parameters

  • Parameter: n.a.
  • Linearity: n.a.
  • Precision: n.a.
  • Messmodi: n.a.

Reagent and Accessories

  • Sample volume: n.a.
  • Sample material: n.a.
  • Reagent management: Yes
  • Barcoded reagent: No
  • Sample barcodes: No
  • Sample capacity: n.a.

Service & Calibration

  • Remote access: No
  • Service interval: 365
  • Maintenance Interval: 365

Usermanagement & Peripherie

  • User-ID: No
  • Patient ID: No
  • User Levels / Rights Management: No
  • Monitor: Integrated
  • Operating system: Manufacturer-specific
  • Data links: USB 2
  • Connectivity to other devices: No
  • Data exchange protocol: Nicht vorhanden
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