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SIRWEB: LIS Interface

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SIRWEB: LIS Interface

  • 10063053
  • Description:

    Bi-directional interface module

    The bi-directional interface module with a central system makes it possible to exchange data between SIR and this central system:

    importing information related to requests for bacteriology in SIR (marital status, etc ...)

    export of the results of the positive samples (identifications and / or antibiograms) of SIR to the central office.

    The bi-directional interface module includes:

    the data import module, comprising:

    Importing data from the central system
    the management of transcoding tables
    free phone support for 1 year
    free software feature updates for 1 year

    The module allows the import of all bacteriology analyzes (positive and negative, if the laboratory management system sends them). All results can be treated in epidemiology.

    the data export module, comprising:

    extraction of SIR data, in multi-criteria and multi-sorting
    the management of transcoding tables
    the management of the communication settings
    free phone support for 1 year
    free software feature updates for 1 year.

    For the link to be operational, the laboratory must have the link modules with SIR on the central system side.

    • LIS connectivity:
    • Walkaway System:
    • Open system:
    • Reagent management:
    • Barcoded reagent:
    • Sample barcodes:
    • User-ID:
    • Patient ID: