Luminometer KIKKOMAN PD30

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You want to set up a monitoring of the microbiological quality of your water circuits and/or your surfaces by ATP-metry.

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    You want to set up a monitoring of the microbiological quality of your water circuits and/or your surfaces by ATP-metry. The measurement protocol requires the purchase of a device: the luminometer. This device must give a reliable answer, be easily adopted by users and inexpensive.

    Since its creation, GL BIOCONTROL uses this luminometer during its field studies (Methodical Risk Analysis in cooling systems, technical and sanitary diagnostics in hot sanitary water circuits, ATP mapping, assessment of treatments effectiveness and procedures, Diagnostics of Microbial ecosystems and surveillance packs).

    KIKKOMAN PD-30 Luminometer’s advantages:

    • SENSITIVITY: measurement range perfectly adapted to monitor the
    • quality of industrial and sanitary waters and surfaces.
    • SIMPLICITY: no special skills required.
    • PORTABLE: operating with batteries.
    • COMPACT: size and weight minimized.
    • DIGITAL: identifies and records the measurements.
    • INDEPENDANT: auto calibration and no computer needed.
    • AFFORDABLE: quick return on investment.

    The KIKKOMAN PD-30 luminometer works with batteries, supplied when buying. The red button turns the device on. All calibration is automatically performed at the start. Language, date and time settings are required upon first use. The luminometer will be ready for use. By pressing the yellow button, a count of the photons emitted by the bioluminescence reaction is carried out. The result in RLU (Relative Light Units) is displayed after 10 seconds.

    The luminometer comes with its protective cover. The package includes: tube holder, support, strap, cleaning tool, USB cable, 2 batteries, manual and installation CD. The CD contains the measuring protocol, sampling protocol, video tutorial, biomonitoring table (Excel), compliance ladders and safety data sheets.

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